Next Level Skin Technology

We have the most sophisticated techniques to analyse and sustainably improve your skin appearance. With our Skin Technology innovations from REVIDERM, we are able to offer you a treatment that is tailored to your needs. Our trained staff will be happy to advise you!

OBSERV® - Image-based skin analysis

For all skin types of every age

OBSERV® is a unique skin analysis system that exposes the skin like never before. Powered by a sophisticated skin illumination technology, OBSERV® reveals hidden irregularities lurking beneath the skin’s surface. This allows our Mavida SPA team to diagnose all types of skin abnormalities that would otherwise remain unseen before they reach the surface.

The skin is much more complex than what you can see with the naked eye. For this reason, the OBSERV® has 8 different modes that show what is under the skin surface. Join us on a journey through your different skin layers and determine your current skin condition together, look into the future and choose the perfect treatment and home care.

Look deeper. See more clearly. More targeted treatment. When booking an Observ Skin Analysis you will receive 10% discount on all Babor products in our Mavida SPA Shop.

Reviderm cellJET


High-frequency ultrasound technology strengthens your tissue and tightens your skin visibly. Combine our cellJET with all of your treatments and experience the immediate effect of an ultrasound treatment.

P.S.: No time for a SPA treatment?
We provide our cellJET, for effective skin care with immediate effect, in your room. We'd be happy to advise you!



With this treatment you benefit from the natural protective functions of your skin.

The method uses the principle that your tissue regenerates itself immediately with the smallest injuries. Pale facial skin looks fresh and plump again, scars and stretch marks are reduced, sagging connective tissue is regenerated and large pores can be refined. With it‘s innovative row of needles, the REVIDERM SkinNeedler places the finest puncture injuries in the top layer of skin (epidermis). This impulse starts the regeneration, as a result the skin produces more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - the most important components of the connective tissue.

Post Needling Kit € 89,- (not included in price)

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