With great passion, whether for hearty-traditional, -vegan or -vegetarian cuisine, we love to delight our guests again and again in an exceptionally delicious way. In our award winning restaurant "DAS VOGL" our kitchen team knows that good, balanced food simply makes you happy. Discover and enjoy the culinary services included in our packages.

Immerse yourself in a perfect taste experience, open yourself up to new creations and discover the charm of the finest grape varieties. Our award winning restaurant DAS VOGL is a real refuge for gourmets, a real home for pleasure-seekers. Culinary delights await you throughout the day.
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Sustainable enjoyment

Our own honey production

Bees are the mainstay of our ecosystem. More than 80% of the native flowering plants rely on pollination. A third of global food production is dependent on bees and other insects. The economic value of bee pollination is hundreds of billions of euros worldwide. With most crops, if pollination is successful, production increases by 5 to 50 percent.

A total of six bee colonies are housed on the HAIDVOGL MAVIDA flower and herb terrace. The location between the wonderful mountains and the crystal-clear Zeller See Lake, not far from the Hohe Tauern National Park - the largest protected area in the Alps, is ideal for bees. The professional care of the bees is carried out by "Beefuture". This ensures that the bees are kept appropriately and hibernate. Guests can enjoy the honey for breakfast or buy it as a small souvenir at the reception.

Best Water Hotel

Every day, tons of plastic waste is produced that pollutes our blue planet and our waters more and more. Avoiding plastic waste should therefore be an important step towards environmental protection and sustainability. A simple but all the more effective option: use regional tap water, treat it and make its surroundings a bottle free zone, instead of buying expensive water in plastic bottles, which also has to be bottled and transported for miles with polluting trucks. This is a clear plus for the CO2 footprint of each of us - and thanks to BWT a plus for a more sustainable taste experience.

Haidvogl Collection
Welcome to a retreat of a special kind – a place with many possibilities for exceptional stays for the whole family!
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Unforgettable days of vacation between wellness, culinary highlights and exciting activities in a breathtaking nature between glacier and lake. Get your #mavidamoments
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Traditional-modern delicacies and an extensive wine selection guarantee for a delightful evening. Regional. Personal. Honest. #dasvogl
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